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Krystal 'Kryssy' Rutledge

Class Instructor / Trainer

I'm Krystal “Kryssy” Rutledge a NASM certified personal trainer at Stick Shift Fitness. I have 4 years of experience helping people change their lives for the better. I help my clients lose or gain weight, achieve and gain that self confidence that only comes with taking care of your body physically and mentally! For me, it all started in 2017 when I first started working out trying to lose weight and better myself. I started off putting me first and with that change of mindset and consistency. I lost collectively 80lbs, then gained close to 25lbs of healthy weight and muscle mass. I’m located in Atlanta, GA physically but help some of my clients all around the United States virtually as well! I cater to the client specifically so each one is different. I’ve helped my clients lose a total of almost 350lbs all together!!!! Talk about amazing! I’ve helped clients gain weight, get away from the pre-diabetic diagnosis, lose weight, change their mind on surgery and readjust their goals through movement and nutrition… If I can start and do it as a single mother of three beautiful children and 3 cesareans then so can you!!!

Let’s go!

Krystal 'Kryssy' Rutledge
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