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Paige King


Gemfit LLC, was founded Dec 2020 formerly known as Wright Physique Total Fitness. Gemfit was born during a time in my life where I felt everything seemed to be falling apart piece by piece but God spoke and provided a vision that Gemfit will be the beginning of a safe place for women to transition to a healthier version of themselves. My passion to help others achieve a healthier lifestyle started as an adolescent watching my mother work in the healthcare field nursing individuals back to health. My passion turned personal after an injury occurred while enlisted into the United States Army. My injury caused me to fall into depression which kicked in heavy after my separation from the military. It seemed as if my mind was slowly withering away and depression had won. I started to live an unhealthy lifestyle which caused me to gain an uncomfortable amount of weight that aggravated my injury. I lost my inner gem and was determined to find her again. Throughout this journey I've managed to build a community for women like myself to help find their inner gem and transition back to a healthier lifestyle. I know and understand the struggle of implementing physical activity and finding nutritional balance with a busy schedule. So, I dedicated my blood, sweat, and tears day in and day out learning different evidence based methods that’s beneficial for my current and future clients. With my combined expertise as a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Medical Assistant and Veteran, my goal is to help women like me find their inner gem that has been overshadowed by the lack of confidence and/or unfortunate events. - Paige, NASM CPT


Paige King
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